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Glenn Ramsden

Spending his formative years as a pupil at Hull Grammar School and then a relatively brief encounter with road transport as a truck mechanic, Glenn Ramsden then moved on to Humberside Fire & Rescue Service working in various roles which culminated in him running their Press & Media Office.  In his time with the Brigade, he was commended for bravery on two occasions in addition to attending the huge Buncefield conflagration in Hertfordshire.

As the HFRS Media Officer, Glenn was presented with a number of noteworthy challenges including the well documented floods of 2007 during which he both managed the media team at Silver Command level and additionally provided live reporting from a wide range of locations throughout the disaster.

During the flooding, a fatal incident provided him with a series of situations that could not have been predicted and it was Glenn's role not only to provide members of the public with heart rending information but also to manage the aftermath of this international news story.  This is evidenced in the BBC TV documentaries ‘Inside Out' and ‘Britain under Water',  the BBC Radio Four programme which also analysed catastrophe.

In more recent times working as a volunteer, Glenn has provided media and operational support for two local independant lifeboat stations, Humber Rescue & Hornsea Rescue.

Many of these skills map across to the world of event safety work and the transition to Event Safety Manager in 2009 seemed almost a natural progression as he had been involved in event work in various roles since 1997.  Inspired by the UK Event Safety (UKES) corporate message; "Commonsense Safety" Glenn Ramsden prides himself on his meaningful approach to health, safety and welfare in the event industry, an approach underpinned by a robust wealth of background knowledge of emergency planning and the workings of the event industry.

UK Event Safety pride themselves on embracing all of their clients equally, from those managing a village fete to those managing huge festivals with a population the size of a town.

Amanda Ramsden

Having worked in the event industry at various levels for a significant number of years in that time she has worked tirelessly to develop a positive safety culture at many venues and events throughout the UK.

After spending time bringing up her children, Amanda sought work with a fire & rescue team at a local venue. During this time she was able to train and hone her skills as a competent crew member attending a number of significant emergencies during her service with them.

More recently Amanda has served as an active volunteer crew member at the local independant lifeboat station, Humber Rescue where she was responding to in excess of 90 emergency calls per year.

With a hunger to broaden her horizons, she researched safety work in the event industry, enrolled upon and passed a self funded course. Armed with this qualification she then shadowed existing UK Event Safety team members learning from them not only about safety but also the necessary protocols than she would be likely to encounter working in the event industry.

In recent years Amanda has developed a Concession Accreditation Management package that is now widely recognised nationally.  Working closely with all of the stakeholders the system ensures that concessions at your event are managed closely not only from a safety perspective but additionally regarding siting of units, site management, work ethics, till readings, takings, returning spread sheets to promoters etc.

Her attendance at an SSL course 'Examining Temporary Structures' recently has given her an essential grounding for a risk that is constantly encountered at open air events.

Amanda continues to maintain her 'sharp end' fire / rescue / medical competency working for partner organisations at track days and associate events throughout the Country.

When she does have any spare time, she is a local lifeboat volunteer working on the crew of the rapid response rescue boats at Humber Rescue, responding approx. 100 times a year to a range of emergencies on the 540sq miles of waterways that make up the very busy and dangerous Humber Estuary.